The first Argyllshire Gathering took place in 1871, a social occasion, to bring together kindred spirits from across one of Scotland’s largest, isolated and most beautiful tracts of land. From Loch Lomond and Loch Leven, from Ben Cruachan and Ben Lui and from the islands of Mull, Coll, Tiree and Islay, the chiefs and clansmen of Argyll came. Campbells, MacDougalls, Malcolms, MacLeas, MacLeans and MacLachlans all journeyed to their heartland in Oban, not just to relax and mingle, but to defend their family honour by testing their speed, strength and dexterity to the limit.

Little has changed over the years, other than the international dimension the event now attracts. Many thousands of people from all over the world have experienced this dichotomy of fierce competition in a friendly atmosphere. The Argyllshire Gathering remains committed to keeping its heritage alive, bringing you all the traditional events unique to these occasions.