For Highland athletes, dancers and musicians the world over, a long year of training is over. Finally the day has come to put everything they have learned together, to be heralded as winner of their event at the Oban Games. Thousands of spectators gather on the field above the bay, to witness as they hurl, skirl, toss, vault and fling their way to a podium place. Equally hard fought are the events open to visitors, with entries encouraged to the tug of war, tossing the sheaf and fun races for all ages.


11.00am 1 The Argyllshire 3200m, Handicap NEW
11.00am 2 The Argyllshire Long Jump
11.15am 3 Argyllshire Youths 100m
11.15am 4 The Argyllshire Light Stone 16lbs
11.30am 5 The Argyllshire100m Scratch Heats
11.45am 6 The Argyllshire Youths High Jump
11.45am 7 Primary Schools Relay Race
11.45am 8 SHGA British Light Hammer Championships
12 noon 9 The Argyllshire 100m Scratch Final
12.10pm 10 The Argyllshire 100m Scratch
12.15pm 11 SHGA British Heavy Hammer Championships
12.20pm 12 The Argyllshire Triple Jump
12.30pm 13 The Argyllshire 800m Handicap
12.40pm 14 The Argyllshire Youths Shot Put
12.40pm 15 The Argyllshire 200m Handicap Heats NEW
1.30pm 16 The Argyllshire Hill Race (2.25 miles/500ft)
1.30pm 17 The Argyllshire 28lb Weight for Distance
1.45pm 18 The Argyllshire 200m Handicap Final NEW
2.00pm 19 The Argyllshire High Jump
2.00pm 20 The Argyllshrie 1600m Handicap
2.00pm 21 The Argyllshire Caber
2.00pm 22 Tossing The Sheaf
2.30pm 23 Tug of War Competition
2.45pm 24 The Argyllshire 100m Handicapped Race – Heats
3.15pm 25 The Highlander Caber (Inshaig Cup)
3.15pm 26 The Argyllshire 100m Handicap Final
3.15pm 27 The Argyllshire Long Jump
3.15pm 28 Tossing the Sheaf
3.30pm 29 The Argyllshire 800m Handicap Race NEW
3.45pm 30 The Highlander Clachd 22lbs (Inshaig Cup)
3.45pm 31 The Argyllshire 600m Race
3.45pm 32 The Argyllshire 42lb Weight Over the Bar
4.15pm 33 SHGA – British 56lb Weight for Distance Championship
4.15pm 34 The Argyllshire 400m Handicap Race
4.45pm 35 The Highlander 56lb Weight over the Bar